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This is one of the most EXCITING posts I’ve ever had the opportunity to share! So please, stop what you’re doing and pay attention… it won’t take long and it WILL be worth the interruption.


I’m very excited to share with you someone who has not only been turning the head of major media outlets during the last 6 months, but who also is the successful brain behind several multi-BILLION dollar nationwide brands.


I first met Sandi a few years ago when she taught her WordPress class. The step by step methods that she used were ground breaking for helping many companies get their footprint online growing quickly.  Watching her then build her brand and bring such a big impact into the market has been nothing short of SHOCKING!  1 MILLION clients in under 4 years! 600,000 on social media in 20 months!


Are you baffled by the methods, systems and strategies that major brands are using to get success in the social media world?


Or are you a smaller business and just don’t know where to start?


THIS is for both of you!





Sandi has been featured by CNBC, in Forbes Magazine as one of the TOP 20 Social Media Influencers of our generation today and has recently become the hands and brain behind several very large brands on television and nationwide.  When she told me she was holding a POWERFUL virtual summit on the topic of Mobile Marketing I didn’t want any of you to miss!


“The Social Media GPS Mobile Marketing Summit” will be broadcast from her brand new $150,000 TV studio! It will be life changing for both you and your business.


Now listen up, because Sandi has more than 1 MILLION clients in her client base and more than 255,000 on her Facebook page alone, This WILL sell out fast!


Are you still guessing how to increase your ROI, maintain the focus of your brand and then how to capitalize on the fastest growing platform of our day?


Never before in HISTORY have so many people gathered at one time, in one place, on the earth, like the REVOLUTION that is taking place online through social media!


DO NOT miss out on this!





I’ll see you there!
Amy Whitmer

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